Solutions Corporation provides integrated parking solutions to the private and public sectors. We assist with planning parking schemes and installations – maintaining and (when required) upgrading parking solutions and meters across Australia and New Zealand (NZ).
Solcorp has an established record of providing reliable service delivery and technical know how.
For over 11 years, we have designed and maintained innovative and efficient integrated parking management systems, including providing modifications to parking machines to ensure compatibility with software updates.
As a global provider, we have the ability to draw on the experience of our global support team – who provide expert technical assistance, should any non-standard issues arise.
Solcorp works with many different parking technology components, including fixed and mobile ANPR cameras, handheld enforcement solutions, permit application and pay by phone applications. Importantly, we don’t just source and on-sell these components, we integrate them to work together effectively.
Our main client base comprises local governments and private operators throughout Australia, with all delivered services directly correlating to the services and products requested for this contract.
Our technicians are trained and experienced with all equipment, with senior technicians having a minimum of 7 years’ experience working exclusively on our supplied equipment. Understanding the importance of maintaining staff training, we ensure all technicians’ training is current – much of which is provided directly by our supplier companies.